Michigan State University 1985 PhD Anthropology
Michigan State University 1977 MA Anthropology
Miami University (Ohio) 1970 AB Political Science

Dissertation: Models of Change in the Woodland Settlement of the Northern Great Lakes Region (Dr. Charles E. Cleland, Chair).


American Anthropological Association
Society for American Archaeology
Michigan Archaeological Society
Ontario Archaeological Society
Conference on Michigan Archaeology
Wisconsin Archeological Society


Society for American Archaeology

1994-1999 American Antiquity Current Research, Assistant Editor, Great Lakes region
1991-1997 Committee on Public Education (COPE); Michigan Education Network coordinator

Midwest Archaeological Conference

1997-1998 Bylaws committee member


Michigan Technological University, Department of Social Sciences

1999- Associate Professor, Anthropology/Archaeology
1993-1998 Assistant Professor, Anthropology/Archaeology
1985-1993 Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology/Archaeology
1977-1985 Research Scientist and Instructor, Anthropology/Archaeology


in press Adaptive Strategies and Socioeconomic Systems in Northern Great Lakes Riverine and Lacustrine Environments: The Late Woodland of Michigan, with J.S Brashler, E.B. Garland, M.B. Holman and W.A. Lovis. In Proceedings of the Urbana Late Woodland Conference, edited by T.E. Emerson, D. McElrath, and A. Fortier.University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.

in press Ancient Copper Mining: Facts, Fallacies, and Public Education. Submitted to Proceedings of the 28th Annual Chacmool Conference, Public or Perish: Archaeology into the New Millennium, edited by L. Beckwith and N. Saxberg. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, 1999.

in press A Site for All Seasons: Some Aspects of Life in the Upper Peninsula During Late Woodland Times." In Uncovering Michigan's Buried Past, edited by John R. Halsey. Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1999.

in press The Complex Formerly Known as a Culture: The Taxonomic Puzzle of Old Copper, with Thomas C. Pleger. In Taming the Taxonomy: Toward a New Understanding of Great Lakes Prehistory, edited by Ronald Williamson. EastEnd Books and the Ontario Archaeological Society, Toronto, 1999.

1999 Wonderful Power: The Story of Ancient Copper Working in the Lake Superior Basin. Wayne State University Press, Detroit.

1998 Paleoethnobotanical inquiry of early Euro-American and Ojibwa gardens, with J.S. Balster, D.B. Landon, and M.R. Gale. Northeastern Naturalist, 5(3): 249-276.

1997 Prehistoric, historic, and present settlement patterns related to ecological hierarchy in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, with J. S. Balster, M.R. Gale and J. Chen. Landscape Ecology 12(4):223-240.


in press Review of Circles of time: Aboriginal land rights and resistance in Ontario, by David T. McNab. Wilfrid Laurier Press. Submited to CHOICE.

in press Review of Indigenous people's right in Australia, Canada, & New Zealand, edited by PaulHavemann. Oxford. Submitted to CHOICE.

in press Review of The Welcome of Strangers: an ethnohistory of southern Maori, A.D. 1650-1850, by Atholl Anderson.. University of Otago Press/Dunedin City Council. Submitted to CHOICE.

in press Review of Politics and the Museum of the American Indian: the Heye & the Mighty, by Roland Force. Mechas Press. Submitted to CHOICE.

1999 Review of Cambridge and the Torres Strait: Centenary Essays on the 1898 Anthropolotgical Expedition, by Anita Herle and Sandra Rouse. Cambridge. CHOICE 36 (11/12)

1999 Review of White Flour,White Power: From Rations to Citizenship in Central Australia, by Tim Rowse. Cambridge. CHOICE 36(9).

1999 Review of Inuit, Whaling and Sustainability, by Milton M.R. Freeman et al. Altamira. CHOICE 36(7).

1999 Review of Uncanny Australia: Sacredness and Identity in a Post-Colonial Nation, by Ken Gelder. University of Melbourne Press. CHOICE 36(5): 2827.

1998 Review of Hardaway Revisited: Early Archaic Settlement in the Southeast, by RI. Randolph Daniel. University of Alabama Press. CHOICE 36(3

1998 Review of Cahokia and the Archaeology of Power, by Thomas E. Emerson. University of Alabama Press. CHOICE 35(7).

1997 Review of Investigating the Archaeological Record of the Great Lakes State: Essays in honor of Elizabeth Baldwin Garland., edited and with an introduction by Margaret B. Holman, Janet G. Brashler, and Kathryn E. Parker. New Issues Press, Western Michigan University. Michigan History, March-April 1997:46-47.


upcoming An archaeological geophysics investigation of a sugar cane plantation, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: results of using multiple techniques to assess industrial as well as living sites, by Len C. Mankowski, Seth R. Lemke, Dr. Susan R. Martin, David K. Hayes, Dr. Patrick E. Martin, and Dr. Charles T. Young. Paper to be presented at the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Environmental and Engineering Problems.Feb 20-24, 2000, Arlington, VA. Sponsored by the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society.

1999 "Geophysical Characterization of a Sugar Mill on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands" by Seth R. Lemke, Len Mankowski, David Hayes, Susan Martin, Patrick Martin, and Charles Young. Paper presented at the Third International Conference on Archaeological Prospection, Munich, Germany, September 9-11, 1999.

1998 "Examining the Links Between Technological Innovation and Population Growth in the Northern Great Lakes." Paper presented at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Seattle, WA, March 25-29, 1998.

1997 "The Complex Formerly Known as a Culture: The Taxonomic Puzzle of Old Copper," with Thomas C. Pleger. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Ontario Archaeological Society and the Midwest Archaeological Conference, North York, Ontario, October 24-26, 1997.

1997 "Adaptive Strategies and Socioeconomic Systems in Northern Great Lakes Riverine and Lacustrine Environments: The Late Woodland of Michigan," with J.S. Brashler, E.B. Garland, M.B. Holman and W.A. Lovis. Paper presented at the Urbana Late Woodland Conference, University of Illinois, February 27-March 1, 1997.


"Using Archaeology to Explore the Changing Working Conditions of Slaves & Other Workers, Whim Plantation, St. Croix, VI" with Patrick E. Martin and David K. Hayes. July 1999. Funded. $28,489.

"High resolution magnetometer for non-invasive subsurface investigations in Archaeology, Geology, Environmental and Civil Engineering" with Charles T. Young. January 1999. MTU Century II Endowed Equipment Fund. Funded. $16,680.

"Non-Invasive Archaeological Investigations at the Estate Whim Plantation Museum, Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI" with Charles T. Young. December 1998. MTU Faculty Scholarship Grant. Funded. $4200.

"Building GIS capacity for the Industrial Archaeology and Environmental Policy Programs at MTU: Year 2," with M. Hyslop, B. Baltensperger, and P. E. Martin. Michigan REF Project, MTU. Funded. $39,200.

"Funding to Support a Departmental Digital Library," with B. Baltensperger. Faculty Development Committee, MTU. Funded. $1000.

"Building GIS Capacity for the Industrial Archaeology and Environmental Policy Programs at MTU," with P.E. Martin, M. Hyslop, and B.H. Baltensperger. Michigan REF Project. 1997. Funded. $32,500.

"Proposal to fund Multi-Media Projection Equipment" with Bradley H.Baltensperger. Century II Endowed Equipment Fund, Michigan Technological University. 1997. Funded. $2200.

"Site Planning for Restoration and Interpretation of an Historical Industrial Complex on the Shore of Torch Lake" with Terry S. Reynolds and Larry D. Lankton. Osceola Township, Michigan. 1997. Funded. $15,000.

"Field School in Industrial Archaeology 1994-6" Michigan Bureau of History, with P. Martin and D. Landon. November 1993. Funded. $103,353. Continued FY 98. $18,000. Continued FY 99. $22824. Continued FY 00. $20000

"Curation of Archaeological Collections from the Hiawatha National Forest and the MTU Archaeology Laboratory" June 1994-6. United States Forest Service. Funded. $7,350. Continued FY 97. $6303. Continued FY 00. $4046.

"Memorandum of Understanding for Curatorial Services between the Ottawa National Forest and the Industrial Archaeology Program of Michigan Tech." 1994-1996. United States Forest Service. Funded. $5439. Continued FY 96. $6,759. Continued FY 97. $7277. Continued FY 00. $3352.


1999 Historical Society of Michigan 1999 Award of Merit, Publications:Books category for Wonderful Power: The Story of Ancient Copper Working in the Lake Superior Basin, Wayne State University Press.

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