The faculty is one of the key strengths of Michigan Tech's IA program. The Department of Social Sciences encompasses many disciplines, bringing together scholars with diverse perspectives on industrial archaeology. To date the program has never had more than a dozen graduate students at one time, allowing for close interaction between faculty and students. In addition to small classes, students can expect easy access to their advisor, and many opportunities to become engaged in research projects with the faculty.

Alison K. Hoagland , M.A., George Washington University
Associate Professor of History and Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation, architectural history

Larry D. Lankton, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Professor of History
History of technology, material culture

Carol A. MacLennan, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Anthropology of industry, technology and politics

Patrick E. Martin , Ph.D., Michigan State University
Professor of Archaeology
Historical and industrial archaeology, cultural resource management

Susan R. Martin , Ph.D., Michigan State University
Associate Professor of Archaeology
Prehistoric Archaeology, cultural resource management

Marco Meniketti, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Visiting Professor of Archaeology
Caribbean Colonial settlement, nautical archaeology

Terry S. Reynolds, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Professor of History,
History of technology, history of the engineering profession

Timothy Scarlett, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno
Assistant Professor of Archaeology
Archaeology, ceramics, history of the American West

Bruce E. Seely , Ph.D., University of Delaware
Professor of History, Chair of the Department of Social Sciences
History of science, history of technology

Department of Social Sciences, Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI 49931
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