2004 Field School in Industrial Archaeology
Michigan Technological University

Michigan Tech is running a course in Field Archaeology from May 17 through June 25, 2004 at the site of the West Point Foundry. The field school is providing training in a full range of methods and techniques, including survey, excavation, photography and mapping.

The 2004 Field School continues the research at the site of the West Point Foundry. This site is in Cold Spring, New York, in the Hudson River Valley north of New York City. Michigan Tech continues a long-term research project on this famous industrial site, owned and managed by the Scenic Hudson Land Trust. The 2004 field team will continue the total station mapping project and excavations in selected areas of the site, including both industrial and domestic components.

Robert Parker Parrott, Superintendent of the Foundry in 1839 and see early images of the Foundry from the Smithsonian
2004 Earthwatch Project  
Volunteers can participate 

Ed Rutsch Memorial Fund Scholarship

Ed Rutsch was a pioneer in the field of Industrial Archaeology, working primarily in the Northeastern US. After his death in 2003, a group of his friends and family established a memorial fund in his name to support student work at the West Point Foundry, a site that Ed investigated in the late 1970s. The Fund will pay the tuition costs for a graduate or undergraduate student to enroll in the Michigan Technological University Field Archaeology course to be taught at West Point Foundry from May 17 until June 25, 2004.

Students interested in applying for the tuition award should contact Patrick Martin by April 15, providing a short resume' of their academic career to date, a letter explaining their interest in this project, and contact information for a faculty reference person. An award will be announced on April 20.

Dr. Patrick E. Martin and Dr. Timothy J. Scarlett are the instructors for the course. The course is available for either undergraduate or graduate credit (SS 3210 and SS 5700, respectively), with credit variable from 2 to 8 semester credits. Guest student status is available for any student in good standing at their home university. Tuition will be approximately $227/credit for Michigan resident undergraduates, $590/credit for non-resident undergraduates, and about $398 for resident/nonresident graduate students. Housing (dormitory) will be subsidized by the project.
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