2004 Field School & Industrial Archaeology Project-West Point Foundry
Michigan Technological University
Posting July 1, 2004 by Arron Kotlensky
Following on the heels of a very successful field school, Michigan Tech IA graduate students and professors continued their work this week at the West Point Foundry. Excavations begun during the field school will continue for the next six weeks, allowing Tech students greater time to answer intriguing questions about the Foundry's past. Of particular note for this week, three additional crew members were welcomed into this summer's projects. Pat Baird, a second-year IA graduate student, Ed Tennant, an incoming first-year IA graduate student, and Paul White, an IA alumnus, will all be working at the Foundry for the remainder of the field season. Each one brings unique talents to the work underway and we are quite happy to have them with us.

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